Music is a language spoken and understood all over the world!

Enthusiasm, passion, and motivation are key to learning any instrument!

That’s why you set your own goals and we then work together to tailor individual lessons and an effective practice plan tailored to your specific needs. I supply all the materials and teach all the techniques and theory you need tailored to your current skills. Whether a beginner or advanced, acoustic or electric. No matter what style of music, no matter what age. Your wish is my command!

Currently you can also book lessons with me outside of Mannheim in the following cities:


We play the song of the radio and Felix is really cool!

Davin (7 Years) & Aileen (8 Years)

You can see he lives for his passion and job, and he likes to spend his whole knowledge to his students.

Sebastian (17 Years)

Felix has to learn me feel despite my age still play guitar. He supportes and motivates me all the time.

Petra (48 Years)