My self-work as a studio musician has involved a wide range of musical styles and playing techniques, a good feeling for the project, true flexibility when it comes to doing the musical work, and bringing in the emotional side of music.
Working on a job-by-job basis as needed allows me to pursue my work efficiently and economically.
Whether on location or in my own studio, I use high quality equipment and technology with a broad sound coverage.


I worked with these producer:

  • Florian Sitzmann (Sherwood Forest)
  • Markus Born (Kleine Audiowelt)
  • Dennis Kopacz (Kleine Audiowelt)
  • Peter Seiler (PSM)
  • Sebastian Henzl (Herberger/Naidoo)
  • Bruno Böhmer Camacho (MiKanto)
  • Jonas Mengler